Arts & Cultures

Alat Musik - Sikambang

Sikambang art in general represents the entire art for a community of Coastal West Sumatra, ranging from Meulaboh in Banda Aceh, continue to Tapanuli, Minangkabau and Bengkulu. In addition to the West Coast, Sikambang also found on the east coast islands of Nias and Pulau Telo. Art Sikambang that part consisting essentially of "dance" and "sing" (art-dance) to carry out cultural elements derived from the arts and culture. No wonder if Sikambang remain in existence since time immemorial to the present era of modernization. This art is assumed contemporary philosophies and meaning, patterned advice, rhythmic dance songs and tangible. Sikambang acculturation is not absorbed from the neighboring cultures such as Batak and Minangkabau, but the artistic heritage of the coastal empire of civilization, especially from the seventh century heyday Jayadan with his queen, Princess Rundu. Each dance has a specific purpose. For example, a handkerchief dance with singing "Peas", depicts the story of a young starters in the binding of friendship, a symbol of openness and social ethics. Umbrella dance with singing "Kapulo Pinang", depicts the story of a couple who just got married (newlyweds). One day when her husband was about to leave his wife to go sailing for a living in foreign countries by using a ship carrying merchandise from the island Poncan to Pinang, the husband had said those words contain liver expression in the form of poems rhyme.

Kerajinan - Ulos

Ulos is an important product from one of the oldest in Asia that goes back 4,000 years ago, the Batak culture. Ulos even have existed long before Europeans knew textiles. According to a study conducted by Miyara Sumatra Foundation. Moreover, beyond the aesthetic value that can be found in traditional woven cloth, Ulos fabric has deep meaning anyway. Ulos apparently a representation of the universe. In the past, women of Batak were proud to weave, wear, and handing it down to the family as an heirloom .

Rumah Adat - Rumah Bolon

Toba Batak tribe custom homes are also called "Rumah Bolon". This house shaped stage with the main building materials such as wood. The most striking thing is the shape of the roof is curved and tapered at each end. Behind the unique shape, it turns Batak tribal house has its own meaning and significance. The philosophy of Batak tribal house is very interesting to learn, start of the construction process until all the decorations, it all has a meaning that is quite deep.

Tarian Tor-Tor

Tortor Batak Toba is a type of ancient dance of Toba Batak from North Sumatra that includes North Tapanuli area, Humbang Hasundutan, Toba Samosir and Samosir. Tortor ceremonial dance is presented with music gondang. Physically tortor a dance, but the deeper meaning of his movements showed tortor is a medium of communication, where through the motions presented an interaction between the participants of the ceremony. Tortor and gondang music is like a coin that can not be separated. Before the event will be made public, the host ( Hasuhutan ) conduct a special event called "Tua Ni Gondang", to get the blessing of Gondang Sabangunan.